Whether you are visiting London for the first time or are simply looking to discover a few of the city’s hidden gems, here are five must-see tourism videos for you to check out.

big ben houses parliament
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are definitely worth a visit, especially if you are exploring London for the first time.

1)      Top 10 Attractions London – UK Travel Guide


If you are looking to learn about London’s top tourist attractions in as little time as possible, then you will love this top ten attractions video by geobeats. The friendly and charismatic presenter gives a rundown of the top ten London attractions, whilst showing images and video clips of each place. What’s great about the video is that information and facts are given about each attraction, telling you why you should visit it. This video will be extremely useful for first time visitors as it can help them to plan their itineraries.

2)      London – 10 Things You Need To Know


This informative and well-produced video teaches tourists ten things they need to know about London. It is extremely factual, not only about the various famous landmarks, but also about shopping in the city, nightlife and places to eat. Various different neighbourhoods are captured in the video including Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Soho and Camden Town. What we love about this video is that it provides information on budget-friendly things to do in London, such as visiting the free museums, galleries and royal parks. It also offers tips on how to save on travel costs, such as buying an Oyster Card to save money on the tube.

3)      London Travel Guide


This two minute travel guide is ideal for those looking to visit all of the top London attractions. It shows you the city’s must-see landmarks, whilst giving historical facts and information about each of them. If you are looking to make a quick itinerary for your trip to the big city, then this video will definitely give you a helping hand. At the end you will find a long list of the various London travel websites and resources that you may want to note down in order to book tickets and register for events.

4)      London Travel Guide – Cheap Tips and Sightseeing


Looking to explore London on a budget? Then check out this fantastic video by Hostel Bookers. Along with showing you some of the most iconic places to visit in London, it also gives an insight into the city’s most interesting neighbourhoods. If you have visited London a number of times before and are looking for alternative things to do, then this is a great video to watch. The video explores a wide range of free and budget-friendly things to do, from relaxing on the royal parks, to watching a film at the Saturday cinema session at the National Gallery. There are also various tips about cheap travel thrown in, including where to hire bicycles and what bus to get on if you want to see the sights without paying the premium tour bus prices.

tube map london
The Tube is the best way to travel in London. Purchase an Oyster Card to help keep costs to a minimum.

5)      London Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


If you are looking for a high quality, professionally produced London tourism video, then look no further than this fantastic travel guide by Expedia. It is a must-watch for all holiday goers taking a trip to the capital. Like the other videos mentioned in this article, it gives details about the city’s most famous landmarks, however it takes it a step further, offering interesting historical facts and information about how the city has changed from medieval times to the present day.

If you are interested in London’s places of worship, then this is a great video to watch as it provides information on both Westminster Abbey where many royals have been crowned, married and buried and St. Pauls Cathedral which was built after the great fire in 1666. If visiting the theatre is more your idea of a day out, then this video offers all the information you need to know about London’s West End which just so happens to be one of the biggest theatre districts in the world.


Image credits: TJ Morris & davidhc

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