From its iconic architecture to the abundance of historic landmarks and the unmistakable skyline, there are plenty of places to grab that classic ‘shot’ in and around the Capital.

We could just list all the popular and most photographed locations in London, but we thought who better to ask than those that go above and beyond just to get an image, worthy of sharing with their masses, about their location tips.

So, we headed to the Instagram community and hunted down a few of our favourites, asking them to give insight into their go-to locations, culminating in some of their most favoured shots.

Whether you’re a professional photographer with an assortment of equipment or always have your smartphone at the ready, hopefully these guys can inspire you to seek out the unobvious vantage points around London.

London From The Rooftops (LFTR)

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London from the rooftops (aka James Burns) newsfeed is full of images that wouldn’t be out of place hanging on a living room wall. His ability to capture London’s beauty is incredible, and his feed is awash with colourful skylines, complimented with stunningly dramatic natural scenes. As you scroll through his impressive collection it rouses a multitude of emotions forging a new love for London and its urban elegance.

He describes his favoured location below:

I’ve been shooting from rooftops in every corner of London for nearly 15 years and if I had to choose one standout location for me it would be Centre Point Residences. I first shot from there in 2008 when it was an office block and had a top floor bar the public could visit. Eleven years later and it has now been converted into luxury housing with no public bar but luckily, as the in-house photographer there, I can still reveal its views.

It has everything an urban views photographer could want, a 360 uninterrupted view with points of interest in all directions near and far. There is no London landmark you cannot shoot from there with a good zoom lens and I quite simply could shoot from there for the rest of my days and not get tired of it.

LFTR Tower Bridge
London From The Rooftops – Tower Bridge
LFTR Skyline
London From the Rooftops – Sunset Skyline
LFTR City Night
London From the Rooftops – Night City Scene

As If it wasn’t enough to be able to enjoy his images via Instagram, it is also possible to purchase a number of James prints from his website, as well as hosting an exhibition from his last 10 years of work,  LFTR – A Decade of Change,  at The Steel Yard on the 19th to 21st November – more information can be found here

Dimitar Hristov

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Among the majestic dancers, the striking portraits and tranquil shots of faraway shores, Dimitar captures everyday images of London at its best. His beautifully colourful and authentic images celebrate London life, magnifying its stark and metropolitan elegance. His simplistic descriptive just proves that his images need little explanation.

Dimitar shares his three favourite locations, as follows;

Primrose Hill is a good, free, location to watch the New Year’s Eve firework display.

Dimitar HR London Skyline
Dimitar – Capture across London

Point Hill is a great place to watch the fireworks at Southwark Park around bonfire night in November and the maybe more well-known view of Tower Bridge and the tall ships from the Thames footpath from the South side of the River.

Dimitar Fireworks
Dimitar – Fireworks from Primrose Hill
Dimitar - Tower Bridge
Dimitar – Tower Bridge

London Viewpoints

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It is easy to see why Michael has amassed over 100k followers, his stunningly sharp, colourful and artistic images of well-known architecture, skylines and London scenes are outstanding. His use of time-lapse and hyper-lapse gives his feed an interesting edge and, more often than not, he furnishes his followers with the photography information behind the shots.

Michael’s top tip is:

Occupation Lane in Shooters Hill – This street has one of, if not the best view, of London’s skyline. Being free, as it’s just a road in a residential area, located on Shooters Hill at around 110m (360ft) altitude, you can see everything from Vauxhall to Canary Wharf in a single skyline composition. Recommended lens to capture it all is anything 200mm +, as you are a fair distance away from what you’re capturing but the compression and unique alignment of all skyscrapers makes up for the trip there.

London Viewpoints – Shooters Hill View
LV Hill View 2
London Viewpoints – Shooters Hill View
LV Shooters Hill Dusk
London Viewpoints – Shooters Hill at Dusk

You can follow Michael on YouTube to learn his tricks of the trade here.

Chris Johnson

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As a professional photographer, Chris is often armed with the type of luggage most people take on a 2-week holiday, and you can see why we have sent him flying time and time again. His ability to capture the beauty of London, whilst idly hanging out the side of the helicopter, is a unique skill.

We have collated some of our favourites from his collection, taken for us, of ‘London from above’

CJP Trafalgar Square
Chris Johnson – Trafalgar Square – Taken from The London Helicopter
CJP Buckingham Palace
Chris Johnson – Buckingham Palace – Taken from The London Helicopter
CJP Piccadilly
Chris Johnson – Piccadilly Circus – Taken from The London Helicopter

Time to make some memories that will last a lifetime in our beautiful City.

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