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Top 5 St George’s Day Events in London

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In London locals like to celebrate the patron saint of England with a vast array of feasts and street parties. Although the official St George’s Day is on 23rd April, many of the major events occurring in and around the city are scheduled to take place afterwards. If you’re looking for something to do, check out these five events:

The Feast of St George

Of all the St George’s Day events in London, none of them compare to the Feast of St George. Hosted in Trafalgar Square, this street party will include free activities, food stalls, Shakespeare plays, children’s games and plenty more. Here you will get to explore traditional British markets selling mouth-watering dishes, such as homemade pies and hearty stews. The event itself is organised by the Mayor of London, who makes a yearly appearance to honour the tradition.

The Museum of Childhood

Every year the Victoria and Albert Museum hosts a special exhibition to honour St George’s Day. On 26th April between 11.30am and 4pm there will be a range of free events taking place at the V&A Museum of Childhood, which is situated in Bethnal Green. Here you can take part in dancing, arts and crafts, and plenty of other artsy activities, making it the perfect day out if you have kids in tow.

St George’s Day Bloody British Pub Crawl

This is where all of the rowdy party goers will be heading during the evening. If you want to enjoy some drinking, dancing and socialising, head over to Central London to enjoy the procession known as the 1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl. Tickets are £15 and include five free shots in five different bars. In addition, you’ll have the added bonus of jumping the queue to the clubs and receiving a discount in every venue – this leads to an average saving of £20-£40 per person.

Royal Albert Hall Gala

For an event that’s quintessentially British, visit the Royal Albert Hall and watch the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra perform a set of classic English music on 27th April at 3pm. The Gala will feature pieces from Walton, Handel, Elgar, Adams and Vaughn Williams. In addition, there will be readings from the works of Wordsworth and John Betjeman. Tickets are available for between £14 and £46.50.

Guided Walk

On 23rd April at 1pm Go To Midtown will be hosting a St George themed guided walk covering areas in Bloosbury, Holborn and St Giles. Here you’ll get to visit some of the most patriotic places in the United Kingdom, such as the spot where the national anthem was first performed and the final resting place of Rule Britannia composer Thomas Arne. The guided walk is completely free of charge; all you have to do is turn up at the meeting spot outside Holborn station.

If you’re not one for crowds or would prefer to do something a little more original for St George’s Day, take a trip on the London Helicopter. Here you’ll get to watch the festivities from above among the picturesque skyline of Central London.

Top 5 Easter Events in London

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During the Easter London really comes alive and has much more to offer than chocolate eggs. Whether you’re looking to indulge in sweet foods or celebrate the resurrection of Christ in a more traditional manner, there’s bound to be something of interest. If you’re visiting London during the Easter holiday these five events are definitely worth looking up.

The London Chocolate Tour

Starting at Green Park Station, the London Chocolate Tour will take visitors on a two hour guided trip through Mayfair to some of the most highly regarded chocolatiers in the city. While you’ll get to sample your fair share of tasty treats, you’ll also learn about the history of chocolate trade in Europe, and may even get to take part in some chocolate making yourself. Note that booking is essential and attendees must be aged 13 or over.

The Roof Gardens

Easter is a notoriously busy time. Those who’d prefer to relax in the quiet should definitely stop by The Roof Gardens near Kensington High Street. Parents can chill out in the sunshine (if the weather holds out) while the kids take part in one of the city’s biggest Easter egg hunts. Chocolate will be supplied by boutique chocolatier Choccywoccydoodah and there will be an Easter bunny on call to take care of the little ones.

easter hunt

The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons may not be the obvious choice for Easter, but it’ll certainly provide an interesting show. Death by Chocolate is the name of the Easter event that will take place for two weeks from the end of March. This exhibition focuses on the story of the notorious Victorian prisoner (and sweet shop owner) Miss Edmunds. You’ll even get to taste some of her nice colourful confectionary…

The Easter Country Fair

It doesn’t get more British than this! The Easter Country Fair will have something for everyone. Held across Easter weekend at River Lee Country Park, it will feature plenty of traditional outdoor and indoor activities, including a bird of prey race, a motocross stunt show, a goat show and a ferret race. There will also be a petting zoo for the kids and a medieval village where guests can do a little role playing. Marquees will be set up throughout the park selling crafts, chocolate and cold beverages. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Syngenta Photography Exhibition

Between March and April the Syngenta Photography Exhibition at the Somerset House will be showcasing some of the best thought provoking photography London has to offer. The works are comprised of six professional commissions and 40 competition winners from across the globe and the theme focuses on “normality that often gets ignored”. If you’re looking for a creative and inspirational way to spend Easter it comes highly recommended.
If you ever feel yourself getting tired of all the sugar and sweets, why not celebrate in a less conventional way? London Helicopter will take you on a journey you’ll never forget and could be the perfect way to enjoy the Easter holiday.

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Prepare For Easter By Visiting These London Chocolatiers

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Easter is one of the biggest celebrations in the UK. Each year supermarket shelves are filled with chocolate eggs branded with virtually every confectionary name known to man. But since it’s a one-off event, surely it makes more sense to get a one off Easter egg? Rather than stick to Mars, Galaxy and Cadburys this year, consider visiting one of London’s chocolatiers and buying something extra special.
London has no shortage of charming sweet shops, but only a few of them are genuinely worth checking out. If you’re looking for something in time for Easter, these five will definitely make your mouth water.

Artisan Du Chocolat

Artisan Du Chocolat take their craft very seriously. All of their products are produced from ground beans ensuring they have complete control over the taste from the very beginning. With flower designs and bright bold colouring their spring and summer range of chocolates is perfect for Easter. They even have a vast range of treats made for special diets. You can find London’s branch of this boutique store in Selfridges.



Located in Spitalfields, Montezuma’s is one of the most prized chocolatier’s in the East End. What’s great about this fine establishment is that everything in store is created ethically. Not only are all of the products produced with fair trade produce, they also do their utmost to ensure their carbon footprint is as low as it can be. This store sells virtually every combination of chocolate bar you can think of: chocolate and chili, chocolate and sea salt, and even chocolate fused with hard boiled mango chutney.

Philip Neal

This Chiswick boutique specialises in shaped chocolate – most notably the Buddha. All of their chocolates are made from pure natural ingredients and never contain processed additives. Besides the additional flavours, all of the chocolate is made from only a mixture of soya, cacao solid, natural vanilla, cane sugar and pure cacao butter. The store was founded in 1999 by Philip Neal himself and has since gone on to earn a reputation as one of the best chocolatiers in the UK.


This brand new chocolatier is based in a residential area in Southfields. It’s quickly built up a strong reputation for providing the best hot chocolate in town. Here you can find a vast array of hot chocolate drinks for less than three pounds – also making it one of the cheapest in the area. All of the drinks are made from single-origin chocolate that’s scoped directed out of the pot and melted into the milk. They also have a small selection of highly covetable cakes and bars.


As you can probably tell from the name, this Soho based cafe/store is a little more whimsical than the others; however, it’s no less tasty. Here you can purchase everything from life-sized chocolate skulls and flowers to bags of chocolate popcorn. If you’re looking for something a little more inventive for some children, Choccywoccydoodah is the perfect place.

All of these chocolatiers will no doubt have plenty of delicious chocolates that have been specifically designed for the Easter period. Whether you’re looking for a memorable treat for a loved one, or simply want to engage in a little luxury yourself, they come highly recommended.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Worried that the chocolate rush won’t quite cut it? Consider taking a ride on the London Helicopter this Easter instead.

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