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Father’s Day Activity Ideas

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, you’re sure to be looking for gift ideas to treat your dad and thank him for everything he does for you throughout the year.

Forget the standard socks, mug or aftershave and treat your dad to something really special this year with our Father’s Day activity ideas. Whatever your dad likes to do in his spare time, there’s sure to be something he’ll enjoy.

Relaxing gifts for dads

If your dad is a fan of fishing, organise a fishing trip to treat him. You’ll be able to head out into the great outdoors and spend some quality time together as you wait for that tell-tale tug on your fishing line.

Add an element of competition to your trip and see who can catch the largest fish, or who ends up with the most fish at the end of your trip. If night fishing is your dad’s favourite, pack a tent and extend your fishing trip overnight – he’s sure to appreciate the time you’ll get to spend together.

A gift for adrenaline junkie dads

For dads who aspire to be just like Lewis Hamilton, why not book a day at your local race track? Surprise your dad with an additional treat that will make his day with a race track experience in a supercar. You and your dad can take to the track in style for a day neither of you will forget.

If a supercar blows the budget this Father’s Day, head to your local go-kart track and race each other to your hearts’ content – who will be crowned king of the karts?

If budget is no issue, why not show your dad how much he means to you with a private helicopter tour down the Thames. Seeing the sights and famous landmarks of our capital from the sky, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience that both you and your dad will be talking about for years to come. There are various routes and packages available, some of which offer private use of the helicopter.

For the ultimate treat for your dad, enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne at our heliport before you fly.

A trip to a theme park will make for an adrenaline filled Father’s Day as you and your dad take on the roller coasters. See who can master the shooting range and who will end up taking home the giant cuddly toy!

After the helicopter tour or adrenaline kick, whatever your dad’s preferred tipple, a tasting day is sure to go down a treat. From craft beer to wine and artisan gin, you’ll be spoilt for choice. To remember the day, why not treat your dad to some of his favourites to enjoy at home.

Gifts for a sporty dad

Extend the fun of Father’s Day and treat your dad to tickets to a sporting event of his choice. Whether he’s a fan of football, loves boxing or likes nothing more than watching a rugby match, your dad can enjoy a day out supporting his favourite team.

You could even treat your dad to a season ticket for his favourite team for a really memorable gift.

If classic cars are close to your dad’s heart, take him to a car show to celebrate Father’s Day. He can admire the vintage classics in all their glory and maybe even relive memories of his own first car.

Gifts for a cultured dad

If your dad loves to discover new music or he wants to see one of his old favourites take to the stage, tickets to a concert make the ideal gift for Father’s Day.

Brush up your cooking skills and treat your dad at the same time with a cooking class. From haute cuisine to cakes and bakes, you’re sure to find something you’ll both enjoy and you’ll also be able to show off your skills once you get home.

How to Travel Around London in Luxury

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London has been a city of wealth and extravagance since the courts of the Middle Ages. Whether your party includes six hundred guests or you’re looking for an intimate trip for two, here is a guide to travelling around the capital in the utmost luxury.

Sailing tours

Can there be a more breathtaking way of experiencing London’s scenery than by boat? Hire a luxury vessel and glide down the Thames for an unforgettable view of the capital’s major landmarks, including London Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

If you have a large party, many options are at your disposal. Sail through the heart of London in a tall ship while enjoying a banquet of luxurious dishes inspired by London’s maritime heritage, or cruise at a leisurely pace in a paddle steamer, savouring the view and the canapes at once. The choice is entirely yours.

If you want to travel in a smaller, more intimate craft, consider hiring a Venetian water limousine for a cruise. These exquisitely crafted boats are available for daytime sightseeing or for romantic night sails down the river and provide regular charter services to VIPs.

Luxury train travel

Enjoy a truly remarkable day trip from London by train. Relax in carriages ordinarily reserved for royalty and visiting heads of state, richly decorated in period 1920s style to reflect the era in which they were first built.

Take afternoon tea in an opulent vintage parlour while speeding through the English countryside, or enjoy a full meal of seasonal British ingredients paired with the finest wine.

Sightseers won’t be able to resist a luxurious excursion to richly historic and royal houses, such as Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House and Sandringham. If you’re visiting London and you want to visit some of the UK’s most beautiful locations including Cambridge, Ely and York will likewise be delighted by the service on board a luxury train.

This unusual means of travelling to and from London is bound to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Helicopter tours

A private helicopter tour provide a view of London that is worthy of the Duke of Cambridge himself. Sightseeing, like most of life’s pleasures, is better done with a glass of champagne. Join us for a private helicopter tour of the London skyline and feast your eyes on marvels of contemporary architecture like the Shard alongside the age-old majesty of the Tower of London. There are various packages available. Find out more about our most popular helicopter route over the stunning city of London.

Your private helicopter pilot will take you and up to five fortunate guests on an aerial trip from west to east London. You’ll be soaring a thousand feet in the air, with such landmarks as Buckingham Palace and London Bridge visible beneath you.

Finally, after alighting at our heliport, why not conclude your evening with champagne at an exclusive London bar for a truly VIP experience.

There’s no need to order a taxi to travel home after your private helicopter flight as our elegant Mercedes fleet is at your disposal. Allow our chauffeurs to escort you and up to five passengers from your hotel to the heliport and back again in sumptuous style.

Custom tours

If you find pre-arranged tours tiresome and would rather travel exactly to your own specifications, you may wish to consider a custom tour. Many of London’s most premier travel companies offer luxury tours personally tailored to your every requirement, using their expertise to curate a unique experience.

The choice is yours with personalised luxury London tours, including:

  • A sightseeing tour designed for your specific interests and time frame, which enables you to bypass the queues
  • A shopping tour, guided by an expert personal shopper who knows globally famous shops and London’s secret gems equally well
  • A business tour for exclusive clients, with fine dining and exclusive access to many of London’s most iconic locations

The London Helicopter – supporting London’s Air Ambulance

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Helicopters are versatile vehicles – not only can you hire one of our helicopters to see the best view of London in the lap of luxury, but vitally, helicopters in London are also used to save lives.

The London Helicopter are proud supporters of London’s Air Ambulance, the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured patients in London. In fact – we will match any donation you make to London’s Air Ambulance.

Like The London Helicopter pilots, London’s Air Ambulance’s crew complete rigorous training and testing to ensure that safety is paramount and they can offer a world-class service.

If you, a family member or friend had a serious injury and are in urgently need life-saving treatment, you would be eternally grateful to London’s Air Ambulance.

However, many people are shocked to find out that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity and needs charitable donations to be able to deliver it’s life-saving work. In fact, all air ambulances in the UK are run by charities, meaning there is a price tag on this vital emergency service.

A survey last year revealed that only a third of people know that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity! Everyone sees it as a crucial emergency service and assume it will be there for them if needed, yet people don’t realise it will only continue to exist if people continue to donate and raise money to continue this essential service.

What does London’s Air Ambulance do?

London’s Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital medical care to the 10 million people that live, work and travel within the M25. The team, which at all times includes an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic, perform advanced medical interventions normally only found in the hospital Emergency Department, in time critical, life threatening situations. They can perform open chest surgery to restart the heart or give general anaesthetic or blood at the roadside to save a life.

How does London’s Air Ambulance benefit the patient?

The advanced trauma team will be airborne within 4 minutes of activation and can reach anywhere in London within 11 minutes, meaning that the service can be at a patient’s side providing life-saving treatment in under 15 minutes. By providing advanced pre-hospital care as quickly as possible at the scene, London’s Air Ambulance is able to give critically injured patients the best care possible, improving not only their chances of survival but quality of life afterwards.

London’s Air Ambulance has provided pre-hospital care in London for 29 years, helping more than 38,000 patients. Some patients simply would not have survived without their pre-hospital intervention.

A helicopter is much faster than an ambulance by road as it is less dangerous to travel at a high speed in the air. The helicopter can move as the crow flies and is largely uninhibited by events on the ground.

How many
air ambulance incidents will there be today?

We are in awe of London’s Air Ambulance service and the heroes on board who treat an average of 5 seriously injured patients every 24 hours.

Where does the money donated go?

When you donate to a charity it is always interesting to see where your pounds will go. The monetary donations for London’s Air Ambulance couldn’t be more valued:

✅ Just £1.75 could buy a pair of scissors which could speedily cut through a patient’s clothing, making sure they get the fastest possible treatment

✅ Just £6 could buy a blast bandage to immediately dress an amputation or large wound

✅ £20 helps keep the helicopters in the air and the rapid response cars on the ground

✅ £65 buys a pelvic splint to reduce bleeding and pain in that area

✅ £395 buys a fire retardant flight suit keeping a crew member safe

✅ £460 buys a Thomas Pack containing drugs and equipment

✅ £1,700 could pay for a mission that saves someone’s life

We match any money you donate through The London Helicopter, so the charity gets double the amount of money, for double the impact.

Where’s the closest London’s Air Ambulance charity shop to me?

As well as donating money towards the vital needs of the service, with the huge benefit of The London Helicopter matching your donation, you can also help the charity by supporting London’s Air Ambulance charity shop in Whitechapel.

London’s Air Ambulance shop situated in The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel sells London’s Air Ambulance merchandise which you can buy to support and publicise the cause. You can also volunteer your time by working in the shop.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, sums up how essential this service is:

‘London’s Air Ambulance delivers a vital service for those who have been critically injured in the capital, but it relies on donations to provide its life-saving assistance. From helicopters to medical equipment, the public’s generosity means this charity has been able to give emergency care to Londoners’.

With your help, we can continue to support this essential emergency care service.

Support London’s Air Ambulance

We are delighted to support London’s Air Ambulance, helping to extend the reach of their lifesaving missions across London. The London Helicopter will match your donation to double its impact.