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Eating Out in London – 5 Great Restaurants

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London is a bustling city overflowing with activity. Whether you’re there visiting friends, sightseeing, or you live there, it is very likely that you’ll want to eat out at some point.

In a city that has so much going on, where do you begin when you’re looking for a restaurant? Below is a guide to some highly recommended places that you and your friends, family or loved ones, could enjoy eating out at in the big city.


1) Balthazar

This fantastic restaurant has come from the successful brand in New York, USA. A Londoner, who found fabulous success state-side, came back to replica that success in England. The food itself is truly a reverie of France, and a beautiful tribute to Paris.

This 5 star restaurant echoes the same red themed set-up as the New York brand, and produces food that is second to none. If you want delicious French food while you’re in London, then you definitely need to visit Balthazar. It is located in London’s West End, and is the perfect place to go before seeing a show.


2) Koba

Koba is one of London’s best Korean restaurants, so if you’re in search of a scrumptious Asian meal then this where you need to go. It is located within walking distance of 3 Tube stations, but the closest is Goodge Street.


koba restaurant london

Example cuisine at the Koba restaurant, London

The menu offers a wide range of food including stir-fry and barbecued Kalbi beef. The service is absolutely brilliant in Koba, and you will get a friendly, yet professional service along with a scrumptious meal from this unique London restaurant. 


3) Roast Restaurant

Roast restaurant is located just a 2 minute walk from London Bridge Tube station and specialises in great British food. It has won many awards for its classic and tasty dishes and is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

If you’re looking for a traditional English, or Scottish, breakfast then this is the place to go. They also serve traditional roast dinners, as well as many other delicious British meals. Roast restaurant is a great place to go for choice; even the wine and cocktail list is very extensive.


roast restaurant borough market

The Roast Restaurant above Borough Market

Opened in 2005, this top class London Bridge based restaurant is definitely a great place to eat out in London, whether you’re just visiting the city, or even if you live there.


4) Koya

Koya is a wonderful Japanese restaurant situated in the heart of England’s capital city. The food is freshly made everyday, and the prices are very affordable and reasonable, especially considering the top quality of every meal. You can get hot and cold food in Koya, so whatever the weather you can pop into this great restaurant for a meal.

Udon dominates the menu, but the slow cooked pork-belly and other great meals are also available and definitely worth trying. If you’re looking for a delectable Japanese dish, Koya is the place to be.


5) The Ledbury      

The modern European menu offered at the Ledbury is absolutely brilliant. Their menu definitely has an interesting flair, but unlike many high end restaurants, you can still recognise and understand what each meal consists of.

It is great value for money with well-sized portions, wonderful surroundings and friendly staff. It’s a great place to pop in for lunch during the week, and you don’t need to book too far in advance, which is also very beneficial – you can even drop in to see if they have space on the day.



All of these wonderful restaurants offer delicious food and top class service. They are definitely great eating out options when you’re in London.


Image Credits: Suzie Depingu and alalsacienne

Top 5 Reasons to Visit London

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England’s capital city, London, is a bustling place bursting with life. Thousands of visitors flock to this brilliant city every year to enjoy the exciting activities, stunning skyline and lush green areas. Whether you’re looking for a packed sightseeing break, relaxing weekend or a mixture of both, London is the perfect destination.

The city is a great place to visit with family and friends, and you’ll never be bored. There are many fantastic things to see and do in London; below is a guide to five of the top reasons people visit this great place.


1) Shopping

If you love to shop in the high street stores, then London’s Oxford Street is definitely the place you should visit. It has approximately 300 shops and is Europe’s busiest shopping street. Many large department stores and retail chain stores’ ‘flagship’ branches are on Oxford Street.

However, if you love a bargain and aren’t afraid to barter then you should definitely visit Camden Market. This eclectic mixture of stalls will give you a once in a lifetime experience of London’s markets and you might just bag a bonanza.

london underground

London has one of the best transport systems in the world with its famed underground.

If you’re looking for more expensive, upper class stores, then you should check out Bond Street and Regent Street. Bond Street in particular has been home to high end fashion stores since the 18th century, and you’ll find many unique shops as well as recognisable brands.


2) Food

Another fantastic reason to visit London is the food. At one point in every lifetime, everybody should taste a famous Great British Roast. Many Brits enjoy this scrumptious meal every week, and you can’t leave London without tasting this iconic dish.

As well as the British Roast there are many other fantastic English meals that you can feast upon. London is full of great restaurants specialising in British food, catering for every budget, so there’s really no excuse. Britain is famous for its delicious cuisine, and this is definitely a great reason to visit London.


3) Tourist Attractions

If the food and shopping aren’t good enough reasons, then the vast amount of tourist attractions are sure to pull you in. Whether you want to visit Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of Royalty, or take a river cruise down the Thames, you’re spoilt for choice.

The most popular attractions include; The London Eye – a giant ferris wheel offering spectacular views of the big city – and Big Ben, the famous clock tower attached to the Houses of Parliament. You may also want to visit the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels, or take lots of photos with wax works of celebrities at Madame Tussaud’s.

If art, museums and libraries are more your style, then why not visit The Tate Modern or the National Art Gallery, both of which offer free entry. You can also take a look at the British History Museum, the National Library to name just two more in the area.


4) Theatre

After New York’s Broadway, arguably the next most famous theatre area in the entire world is London’s West End. With musicals, plays and dance showing every night of the week – and most afternoons – you are sure to find something you enjoy.

thames london

The river Thames flows through London.

If you are a theatre lover then this reason in itself should draw you to London. Many famous actors and actresses have taken to the stage in London’s West End, and it’s definitely worth catching a show if you’re around. Be aware though that you may have to book quite far in advance, especially for the most popular musicals.


5) Always Something New

Even if you’ve been to London before, there is always something new to do or see. Whether you go to see a different show at the theatre, experience an exciting event at the O2 arena, or explore some of London’s hidden treasures, there is always something new to do in England’s capital.



With so much going on it’s easy to see why so many people love visiting London. Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, and whoever you’re going with, London is a great destination.



Image credits: _dchris and Trodel

A Guide to London spa breaks

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Whether you’re after a day where you can simply spend time on your own away from the craziness of everyday life, a relaxing hen weekend celebration or a romantic break with your partner, London has many fantastic spas on offer.

Every spa offers something a little bit different and has unique facilities. Whether you prefer to spend hours in the sauna or enjoy being pampered with massages and other treatments, it is the perfect way to relax.

London is a bustling metropolis full of life, but there are a few tranquil havens located in and around the city itself. Below is a guide to how to approach a London spa break.


Choose Your Length of Time

Spas offer a huge variety of deals on different time scales, so it’s important that you know how much time you are setting aside for your spa break. You can visit a London spa for a morning, an entire day, or alternatively stay for a few days and really make a holiday out of it.

London is a great place to visit for many reasons.

London is a great place to visit for many reasons.

The most popular amount of time to visit a spa for is 1 or 2 nights over a weekend, although if you can go during the week it is usually cheaper. This is ideal if you’ve taken time off work to visit London, as you can enjoy a spa break mid-week and benefit from the lower prices as well as fewer people.


Choose Your Treatments

Planning the treatments you want to undertake before getting there is very important when visiting a London spa, as they can get booked up quite quickly. It also means that you will fit everything in and won’t leave longing for that head massage that you never got.

There are a huge variety of treatments on offer; these vary from spa to spa. Most of the London spas offer massages; scrubs and many other pamper treatments, as well as full access to the saunas, swimming pool and steam rooms.


Choose Your Destination

The extra special thing about London spas is that many of them offer spectacular views. Whether you can see views over the city or the beautiful landscapes surrounding it, London is a great place to go on a spa break.

The capital city is brimming with spas, varying in quality, rating and price. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa break on a budget, or a 5 star luxurious break, London has it all.


Book in Advance

Finally, booking in advance is very important if you are thinking about going on a spa break in London. As it is England’s capital city it is a very popular destination and many people frequently enjoy relaxing breaks as a little treat.

If you book quite far in advance you will most likely get a good deal. Conversely, if you leave it till the last minute (1 – 2 weeks before) then there are often many cheap offers available, though this is not guaranteed, and might not be the package you particularly want.

Spa days make for a great time of relaxation.

Spa days make for a great time of relaxation.

If you have your heart set on something very specific, then your best bet is to book at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure availability and a reasonable price. Looking online for deals is also a great idea; as the spas are constantly in competition with each other there are often lots of incentives around to entice customers. Why not take advantage of the deals on offer?



Despite London being a busy, bustling city, it is also home to some of England’s most relaxing destinations. London is the perfect place to go for a spa break, as there are such a large variety of places to choose from.

Whatever your budget, timescale and preferences, you are sure to find the perfect spa break destination in London.

Image credits: TJ Morris and Unique Hotels Group

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