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Explore the world of the IncrEdibles at Kew Gardens

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If you’ve got green fingers and ticklish taste buds, then you’ll love the IncrEdibles summer show at Kew Gardens this year. A great and extremely unique way to enjoy your days come rain or shine, the Kew Gardens grounds are packed with activities for all to enjoy. As well as the amazing fun to be had, visitors are surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Kew where this summer, the place will be brimming with boating, botany and plenty of barbecues! Here’s a little more about the IncrEdible adventures waiting to be explored.


Weird and Wonderful

Kew Gardens’ IncrEdibles festival is all about giving you a taste of the wild, from a botanical point of view! While some of us struggle to give our five fruit and vegetables a permanent place in our culinary calendar, this brilliant display of incredible edible plants will certainly spice up your menu! Come to see plants of all shapes and sizes from around the world, and learn how to use them in the fight against a dreary diet. Whether you’re 7 or 70, the IncrEdibles has something new to teach everyone, and is a fantastic family experience.


Swimming With Salad!

Kew Gardens isn’t all about the greens; in addition to the beautiful grounds and historic buildings, the Palm House pond is also being transformed this summer for the IncrEdible festival. Bompas & Parr are giving visitors a chance to dive into a brilliant boating experience, colourfully called ‘Tutti Frutti’! From the end of May, right up to the 1st of September, you can set sail on a giant fruit or veg boat, and off onto the open water. Mystical grottos and an impressive Pineapple Island make this boating bonanza engaging and fun for all ages! All it takes is a little advance booking beforehand; to make sure you get your perfect half hour experience. Bring your sea legs and an appetite for adventure!

Kew Gardens is a great day out for all.

Kew Gardens is a great day out for all.


Time for Tea

Hosted in the stunning Rose Gardens in the Kew grounds, a delightful tea party is held from May 25th all the way through to the beginning of November. This isn’t your ordinary tea party though, and certainly not one you’ll want to miss! This is a tea party with a twist; an amazing variety of vegetables and fantastic fruit, edible plants abound as they appear to grow from the very platters, dishes and dinnerware before your eyes. Your taste buds are sure to tingle, but there’s plenty to train your brain too. Great interactive riddles and puzzles will challenge you as to what really goes into your favourite scrumptious snacks and guilty grazing pleasures. Surprises are in store!



On Saturday 1st of June, there’s a one day event that you won’t want to miss. Make sure that you come to enjoy this brilliant day to learn all about growing in your community, and all about sustainability from the experts. You may even want to change your lifestyle after these lectures; there are great benefits for learning about the environmental impact, and the huge positives for your community that come with local growing gardens. You may embark on a new journey that you never considered as a possibility before.

Kew Gardens has many amazing parts to it.

Kew Gardens has many amazing parts to it.



The IncrEdible festival is a fantastic opportunity to experience something new, exciting and different to anything else available this summer. A great experience for friends, families, adults and children alike, it’s a chance to find out more about our colourful world and the great things that grow in it. Kids 16 and under even get in absolutely free.

If you really are what you eat, then why not be fun, exciting, weird and wonderful? Make your way down to the Royal Botanic Gardens in London this year, for a spectacular summer adventure that you’ll never forget!

Image credits: osde8info and HerryLawford

Indulge in the best that luxurious London has to offer

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As the UK’s capital city, and part time home of the Queen, London certainly has a lot going on. Whether you are visiting with friends, family or have just moved there, you will be spoilt for choice. It is definitely the place to go if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing yet luxurious break in a big city.

If you want to indulge in some of London’s most sumptuous offerings then look no further. Below is a guide to some of London’s top class, 5 star accommodation, cuisine and activities.



London has many luxury hotels offering stylish accommodation. Some of the top hotels include The Ritz, The Dorchester and The Four Seasons at Park Lane.

The Ritz is world famous and one of London’s most popular high-end hotels. Its ornate décor and high quality service are definitely worthy of the 5 star rating that the hotel proudly boasts.

London eye

This is perhaps one of the greatest views of any city in the world.

The Dorchester is located in Mayfair, one of London’s most wealthy areas. It has a large number of rooms and suites on offer. The cuisine in the Dorchester is unmatchable; with such delicious food and spacious rooms there’s no doubt this is one of the top luxury hotels to stay in while in London.

The Four Seasons is surrounded by greenery and is also located in Mayfair. It houses a glass walled roof-top spa with an accompanying lounge with panoramic views across the city.



London is home to many Michelin-starred restaurants, so you can dine in style while you’re in the big city. Why not try out Gordon Ramsey’s personal restaurant if you fancy that celebrity touch? However, if you want a table here you definitely need to book well in advance as demand is high. But if you are lucky enough to get a reservation you will find that the restaurant serves wonderfully unusual dishes as well as many traditional and somewhat simple meals that taste absolutely scrumptious.

London at night has many great places for the rich to visit.

London at night has many great places for the rich to visit.

If foreign food is more your style then why not try Momo? Located in Mayfair, Momo is easily London’s most glamorous Moroccan restaurant. The restaurant makes every effort to completely set the atmosphere with relevant music and lanterns as well as food. If you’re looking for a quirkier high-end restaurant then Momo is definitely the place to eat.



One of the most popular activities to do if you’re looking to indulge in some of the luxuries that London has to offer is to visit a spa. Despite London being a bustling city brimming with excitement, there are a few tranquil havens located in and around the city itself.

Spending a day at the spa is a brilliant way to relax and you can indulge in various treatments to help you, including full body massages. With so much opportunity for pampering, the 5 star spas that London has to offer are a great way to spend a luxurious day lounging around the big city.



Whatever you are looking for, London is packed with luxury shops waiting to be explored. Mayfair and Bond Street are the primary high end shopping areas where you will find shops such as the world famous store Harrods.

There are also a large number of independent shops in these areas that carry many hidden treasures. If you’re looking to buy something unique yet luxurious then London is definitely a great place to go.



Although overflowing with life, London also has many hidden treasures and luxurious locations. Whether you’re looking for accommodation, restaurants, activities or an entire holiday package, you are sure to find the perfect luxurious escape in this wonderful city. 

Image credits: martie1swart and ramonbaile

From London to outer space at the National Maritime Museum

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The National Maritime Museum is the UK’s leading establishment of its kind, and is considered one the biggest maritime and observation centres in the world. The museum forms a part of the World Heritage Site, and its value and quality has been recognised by UNESCO for the amazing things it has offered throughout the years. The museum doesn’t just deal with seafaring spectacles, however, it also gives an incredible view of the other vast expanse of blue; the sky! As part of the site, the Royal Observatory boasts unparalleled star-gazing equipment and exhibitions that are simply out of this world.

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


We Have a Visual

This summer, the museum will host a new exhibition called ‘Visions of the Universe’. This amazing display of galactic goodies will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Take a stroll through the stars, and venture through space to see a stunning collection of images of our universe as they surround you. From breath-taking footage taken by NASA and other telescopes all over the world, all the way back to man’s early hand drawings of our skies, you can see how we’ve captured and observed the heavens through the centuries. Peer at planets, galaxies and great entries from the Observatory’s own Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

This really is a show not to be missed; singles, couples, friends and family alike can all experience something truly unique on their visit. Something that will always stay in your memory will, no doubt, be the Mars Window. This amazing panorama of the landscape of Mars is a 13 metre long image made up of individual pictures, all taken by NASA’s red planet rovers. Visitors will feel like they’re stepping out onto the planet’s surface!

A model ship at the National Maritime Museum, London

A model ship at the National Maritime Museum, London


The Royal Observatory

The cornerstone of this great World Heritage Site, is the Royal Observatory. Home to some of the most coveted pieces of astronomical equipment in the world, it stands as the United Kingdom’s flagship of space observation.

The Observatory boasts the impressive 28-inch telescope lens that dates all the way back to 1893. It is said that only two glassmakers in the world were good enough at their craft to make it, and it took them 8 years to perfect the installation.

The dome that houses the telescope is perhaps the most noticeable part of the Museum’s aesthetic, the Onion dome has been lovingly likened to its namesake vegetable, as well as compared to India’s Taj Mahal! In the winter months, when the skies are darker in evenings, visitors can attend observation evenings and view the incredible night sky through the 28inch telescope; a starry sight you will never forget!


Time Line

Not only does the Observatory stay at the forefront of the space industry, it is also the first in time; literally.

The National Maritime Museum’s Observatory site is home to the world-renowned Greenwich Meridian Line. This physical monument represents the Prime Meridian of the globe. This line divides the East from the West, much like the equator shows the division between the North and South hemispheres. As incredible as it sounds, this point is longitude 0, which means it’s a starting reference point for all sailors, air navigators and geographical measurements. All from a point you can stand on in Greenwich, London!

As well as distance and position, it’s also the point where we measure world time from. GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time comes from this central point for world time; here is zero and plus or minus time is measured from the very spot!



These unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed at any age, and makes an trip all year round, whatever the weather! See the universe unfold right before your very eyes; even the sharpest of scientists and space fans may leave with a little more than they knew before. Stunning pictures of our gorgeous galaxies will leave you in awe of the beauty that exists beyond our Earth. Plan your next trip to the National Maritime Museum, where the sea and sky are no longer the limit!

Image Credits: Wikipedia and ell brown

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