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How to Dress for a Helicopter Tour

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So you’ve booked your first helicopter tour and the excitement is beginning to wash over you, but what do you wear exactly? Unlike most other forms of travel, your choice of clothing is particularly important in order for you to get the most out of your experience. By picking the right clothing you’ll ensure that you won’t spend the majority of the flight worrying about being too hot or too cold.


This may come as a surprise, but in order to take the best pictures it’s a good idea to wear darker colours. Darker colours will reduce any window reflections, as lighter colours tend to reflect in helicopter windows, which can ruin photo opportunities. If you or another passenger takes photos, a person in lighter clothes will show up as a luminescent ghost so it’s a good idea to leave the neon colours at home!

Avoid Loose Clothes

It’s important for you not to wear loose fitting clothes as they catch the wind worse than other outfits. Particularly in open door helicopters where you’ll be subjected to the wind first hand. For the ladies, this means skirts are out! A set of jeans will ensure that the wind doesn’t catch your clothing too badly. If you have any loose jewellery you’ll want to leave that at home so that you don’t lose it. On your feet, you’ll want to avoid sandals or flip flops that can come off easily. Laced shoes or trainers will be just fine.

Dress for the season?

If it’s the summer, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not wearing anything too heavy but likewise you don’t want to be too cold when the on-board temperature control takes effect.  The best way to stay comfortable on a helicopter is to wear layers which can be easily removed until you reach a temperature that works for you. This strategy works in both summer and winter so you can be sure that you will be able to find a temperature that allows you to fully take in the sights of London below.


Hats are an absolute no-no for helicopter travel. Hats flying upwards and into the rotor system can damage helicopters so leave these either in the lockers or at home. Whereas, sunglasses are essential. Given your height in the air and the size of the windows, you can find the natural light exposure to be much higher than ground level. On that note it’s important to bring sun cream as you can run the risk of being sunburnt.

Things you can’t bring with you

You’re going to be limited by what you can bring on the flight. You can only bring a camera or mobile phone on board. All other possessions will be left in lockers. You won’t be able to take a purse, backpack or set of keys as these easily be blown about and into the rotor system.

The secret to making the most of your helicopter trip is to dress for the occasion. Leave the valuables at home, chuck on some sun screen, some jeans, a few layers of tops and some shades and you’ll be set to enjoy the fabulous vistas without feeling uncomfortable. If you want to get some good shots of the occasion always remember to leave the bright colours at home so that you can get pictures that capture you in the best light, rather than having you or your friend light up like Casper the ghost when you print them off.

Most importantly of all, keep your camera charged and have fun!

Where you can arrive in a Helicopter in the UK: The Coolest Destinations

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One of the most underrated and underutilized ways to travel in the UK is by helicopter. Helicopters may be seen as just a novel way to travel, but in a lot of scenarios a good helicopter ride can bring a lot of practicalities the table. In an area like London, using the underground isn’t going to help you get to see the sights but a helicopter will put the city in perspective very quickly. Not only would you get to experience London on a whole new level but you can arrive to you’re destination in style, how cool is that?!

You might think that booking a helicopter is impractical, but it may come as a surprise that many tourist hotspots around the UK accommodate helicopters landing on site. The only limitation is that the helicopter will need the landowner’s permission and a place to land safely. Planning a helicopter trip may seem complicated but luckily we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you on your way, so take a look at our list of some of the coolest places to land a helicopter in the UK.

London Helicopter Hotel LandingHelicopters Music Festivals inc. Glastonbury

Traditionally, festival travel may be associated with long car trips or dare I say, coach trips! Not to mention getting stranded in the mud. However, if you want to skip the traffic and arrive in style, book yourself a helicopter. From Glastonbury to Reading all the way to V Festival, there is the ability to land a helicopter on-site or very nearby.

Glastonbury is just an example, there is literally hundreds of destinations in the UK you can travel to by helicopter. The London Helicopter Charters offer helicopter travel across the UK and operates a bespoke service to events, festivals, historic sites and fine dining locations.

Hotels with Heli-pads – Romantic Getaways

For the romantic amongst you, there’s a ton of fantastic hotels with helipads that can set you up for a spur of the moment weekend away. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even go off the mainland. Exclusive destinations such as Tiroran House Hotel Mull allow helicopters to land on the front lawn. For those looking to make the particularly extravagant statement this can be a welcome decision.


Whist it’s a somewhat expected tradition for brides to show up late there’s fashionably late and there’s missing your own service. For those planning a wedding, arriving in a helicopter can be a different way to highlight your day and make it unforgettable. If this would interest you, there are a lot of venues out there besides churches which can accommodate helicopters, so its worth doing a little research.

Football & Other Sports Events

It may surprise you to know that it takes as little as 90 minutes to get from Manchester to London by Helicopter – the same as a football game to play out. By using a helicopter you can skip the driving and the queues all whilst taking in the beautiful scenery. The majority of stadiums will be able to facilitate a helicopter landing on site (Just not on the pitch!) but its important to check with your favourite club and see what they can accommodate.

Why not fly instead?

Next time you find yourself considering a long traffic journey on the way to a festival or event, ask yourself if you’d rather fly instead. Travelling by helicopter can be a simple way to enrich or improve any occasion. Whether you’re going to see your favourite band at Glastonbury and want to build up to the event, or you want you whisk your partner away on a once in a lifetime weekend, a helicopter can vastly improve your experience.

A Guide to Liquids in Hand Luggage on UK Flights

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Despite it being over a decade since restrictions were placed on the amount of liquid passengers can take into aircraft cabins in their hand luggage, there is still plenty of confusion about what’s allowed and what isn’t.

Even though the limits are less strict than they were when the new rules first came into place in 2006, even the most regular of flyers can still fall foul of the restrictions.

So here’s a simple summary what you can bring with you, explaining the complex rules. It’s worth noting that they apply to all flights within the UK, whether domestic or international, on a helicopter or a 747.

Which hand luggage liquids are restricted in the UK?

It’s virtually impossible for airport security staff to tell which liquids are safe and those that might not be. With this in mind, the following list of liquids can only be taken on-board aircraft in hand luggage in strictly limited amounts:

  • Drinks – whether carbonated or still, including water
  • Sprays – this includes hairspray, spray-on deodorants and shaving foam.
  • Toiletries – including toothpaste, hair gels, liquid hand soap and shower gels
  • Make-up – including creams, perfumes, oils, lotions, lip gloss and other cosmetics
  • Contact Lens Solution – and other saline and similar solutions

How much of these restricted liquids can be taken on-board UK aircraft?

The good news is there is no outright ban so you don’t have to travel without your favourite make up or drink or hair gel. The bad news is you can only take a maximum of 100ml of any of these liquids on a flight.

What’s more, each must be placed in its own 100ml container. If you try and put your liquid into a bigger container, it is likely to be confiscated by airport security staff. This is because the size of bottles taken into aircraft cabins matters just as much as the nature of the liquid that’s inside them.

These are not the only limitations. All your 100ml containers need to be carried on board in a clear, plastic bag that’s at most 20cm x 20cm. The maximum amount of liquid you can take onto a flight is 1 litre. That’s 10 x 100ml containers.

You can only take one of these bags on board, and it must be easy to open and close. If you try and cram too many containers into your bag and can’t close it, chances are your liquids won’t be coming with you on your trip.

Yes, the rules are complicated, and airports realise that. That’s why many have the correct sized bags available at the security gates.

What are the restrictions on liquids bought in Duty Free?

Wanting to buy a bottle of single malt for a friend, or take some perfume to a relative? Don’t worry. Liquids bought in Duty Free stores – including perfumes and alcoholic beverages – are exempt from these restrictions, so can be carried on as hand luggage, even if they are in bottles bigger than 100ml. However, these items must be:

  • Sealed in an airport issue security bag
  • Unopened
  • Accompanied by a receipt from the Duty Free store

Even if you take these steps, you can still expect your items to be re-checked and possibly confiscated if you’re transferring flights and entering a country with different liquid restrictions.

Are e-cigarettes and lighters subject to the same limitations?

The short answer is yes. You can only carry one of each into the cabin. They must be in a sealed plastic bag when you go through security, and then taken out of the bag when you board.

It’s worth remembering the reasons for these restrictions. Yes, they are specific and require a little extra thought when packing your hand luggage. But the extra security they provide all air travellers makes the effort worthwhile.

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