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Private helicopter flights over London – create your own special itinerary

Celebrating something special? Or do you and a few friends want an unusual day out? Or perhaps you have a number of properties to view all over the UK – and they need to be visited in one day. At The London Helicopter we can help you build your own helicopter flight itinerary – from private helicopter flights over London to longer distance trips elsewhere in the UK.

If there’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary to celebrate, there’s no more glamorous way to start proceedings than arriving at your venue by helicopter. Plus, it makes a stylish alternative to a limousine. We’ll work with you to create your flight plan so you have plenty of time to enjoy the flight to your venue and do a little sightseeing at the same time.

A helicopter flight can be cost effective way to visit a number of sites or properties around the UK too, and it’s a quick and comfortable alternative to road or public transport.

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