Icebar by Icehotel is one of London’s most unique venues. It is the only permanent bar in the UK that is made of ice and kept at a temperature of minus five degrees all year round. The walls, bars, tables and even the glass you drink from will be made from the purest, crystal clear ice, sourced from the frozen Torne River in Northern Sweden. If you are looking for a place to chill out with a fancy cocktail in hand, make it the Icebar in London, W1. Trust us it will be an experience you will never forget!

The Ice Bar

The bars, tables, walls and even your glass will be made from ice, but don’t worry the floor is made from a non-slip metal!

History of the Icebar

When the property became available on Heddon Street the directors of what we now know as Icebar were keen to secure it and set up a cocktail bar, however the landlord told them the idea was too plain. This meant the directors had to go back to the drawing board and visited the Icebar in Stockholm for inspiration. After spending much time there, they were convinced it would work in London and went about re-writing their business plan on a paper napkin.

Although the landlord was convinced, it took them a year and a half to convince Westminster to give them a license for the venue and to get it set up. It was clearly worth the wait though, as the Icebar by Icehotel is now London’s most ‘Googled’ bar.

Design of the bar

Once a year the entire Icebar is continually transformed and given a brand new theme and layout. The design is worked on by skilled ice designers and sculptors. This year’s theme is ‘Frozen Architecture’ a design concept which was thought up by the wonderful artists Jens Thomas Ivarsson and Mikael ‘Niklle’ Nilsson. Brand new ice was sourced from the Torne River in Northern Sweden to create the mind blowing design which mixes architectural blue prints carved in ice with relaxed gathering spaces and fabulous art and light installations. The Frozen Architecture theme is yet another innovative and stylish design which the Icebar by Icehotel in London has become famous for.

Restaurant and lounge

Many people like to combine their visit to the Icebar with a meal in the restaurant, where they can enjoy fine food and delicious cocktails. The innovative menu features both snacks and full size modern European dishes all of which are made from seasonal ingredients. If on the other hand, you are not planning on dining in the Moose room, you can head into the Reindeer Lounge or out onto the terrace after experiencing the wonder that is the Icebar!

Inside the ice bar

After spending forty minutes in the Icebar, you can head into the Moose dining room to indulge in delicious Modern European cuisine or pop out onto the terrace for another drink or two!

Booking tickets / making a reservation

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation online as although you can pay on the door, you are not guaranteed entry. Keep in mind that the Icebar can only accommodate up to sixty people at a time. From Sunday to Friday it costs thirteen pounds if you book online. On Saturdays the price goes up to sixteen pounds. Booking a reservation entitles you to forty minutes in the Icebar. You will be given a designer thermal cape with a hood to wear, along with a pair of gloves so you do not literally chill out whilst inside the ice bar! The ticket also includes your own personal ice glass filled with a cocktail of your choice.

The Icebar only accept reservations up to twenty eight days in advance. If you are hoping to dine in the Moose room you will need to make a reservation online whilst booking your ticket to the Icebar.


If you are looking for a truly unforgettable experience, visit the Icebar by Icehotel. You will find the innovative and stylish bar on Heddon Street, a hidden pedestrianized area off London’s famous Regent Street. Just remember to book online first to avoid disappointment!

Image credits: irene. & .Martin.

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