When you’re thinking about where you’d like to go on your next break, you probably often hear yourself saying “I would go there if I had the money” – a common phrase among all travellers!

It often seems a shame that, with the world at our feet, we are not able to get out there and see more of it. However, you don’t need to spend big to travel and holiday in style! Our London Buzz helicopter tour is excellent value for an unforgettable luxury experience. The great news is that with the right tips, you will have the chance to see some of the sights that you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank. Here are the top tips for how to have a great time on a budget.

Think about house swaps

If you find yourself constantly looking on hotel websites to see which rooms are available, you may daydream about being able to afford a luxury room. A great way around this is to think about house swapping, and there are many companies such as Airbnb who specialise in this. There are a huge range of properties available, no matter whether you want a city break or would prefer to get away from it all, and if you are holidaying with friends you might discover that it is a cheaper option than paying for separate rooms.

Try to travel in off-peak seasons

If you want to go on holiday at the height of summer, then everywhere is going to be expensive – but if you aren’t governed by having to fit in with school holidays then this gives you the chance to shift your holiday times slightly to go when it’s cheaper. You would be surprised to see the difference, as it can often cost double, if not more, if you choose to travel at peak times.

Make the most of points and rewards schemes

There are lots of things that give you rewards these days, from credit cards to buying insurance, and it’s great to compare the rewards that you get from each one so that you can really choose one that suits you. Lots of credit cards offer points systems that you can then redeem against the cost of a holiday, so if you spend a lot on credit cards it really gives you the chance to pay a decent portion off it. There are also ways to exchange points for things like business lounge passes, which can be great – as it gives you a whole new experience of travelling. You’ll be chartering your own helicopter or flying to the Med first class before you know it!

Be an explorer

Every holiday destination has its day, and when each destination is at the height of its popularity you will find that it is quite expensive – and this can mean that a lot of people are priced out of where they wanted to go. However, it can be just as fun to go against the grain and go to places that aren’t so well advertised. People find many hidden treasures from doing this, and it would certainly give you plenty to tell friends and family about when you get home, as they won’t have visited before. Of course, you should always make sure that the destination you have chosen is safe to visit, and get as much information as possible.

When there are so many people who claim to be priced out of travelling it can be easy to seem disheartened, however by putting these tips into action you should find that you can have a holiday to remember. Plus, travelling without breaking the bank means that there is much less stress when it comes to settling the bill – so you will be able to enjoy your holiday all the more!

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