Forget about Los Angeles, London is the true epicentre of the world’s film and television industry. With so many Hollywood movies being produced in our vast array of London-based film studios – Shepperton, Pinewood, Elstree, etc. — it’s hardly a surprise that our wonderful city seems like a fitting place to hold the premieres. Every week London hosts a number of the most talked about celebrity-clad red carpet events in the world. If you want to see, or possibly even meet your favourite movie star, there’s no better place.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers is currently one of the hottest film franchises in the industry. The latest instalment, which was directed by Joss Whedon, will premiere in London on 21st April. The event is expected to draw huge crowds, so best get there early! Actors Robert Downy Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany and Mark Ruffalo will be making an appearance, along with actresses Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen.


Starring in movies seems to be a growing trend among the UK hip-hop community. Anti-social is an independent film directed by Reg Traviss. Rappers/grime artists Skepta and Devlin are expected to attend the premiere on 28th April, along with actors Gregg Sulkin, Josh Myers and Sophie Colquhoun. The event will take place at Cineworld in Haymarket and is expected to draw average crowds.

A Fuller Life

Not every film premiere is a star-studded affair with red carpets covering Leicester Square; there are more modest and charming events taking place in and around London if you know where to look. A Fuller Life is a feature length documentary about the late, great writer Sam Fuller. It will be premiering at the BFI Southbank on 15th May.

Getting Tickets

Getting tickets to a premiere is quite tricky. Unless you know somebody who has worked on the film itself, you’ll probably have to enter your name into a ballet. Mark Meets is the number one source for film premiere and event information in the UK and often hosts ticket giveaways via their website. Alternatively, you could try calling or visiting the hosting cinema itself and asking if they have anything available.

LH premiers

Planning and Preparation

So you’ve got your tickets all sorted, visited the tailors and arranged a fancy limo, but that’s not all; remember you’re in England. The weather could take a turn for the worse at any moment, so bring a pocket disposable poncho with you just in case – this way you won’t endanger your suave demeanour carrying a clunky jacket.

In addition, premieres can be a long, drawn out process – and they barely ever run on schedule! Whether you have tickets or not, grab a bite to eat before you attend. You won’t be able to eat inside the cinema, and you certainly won’t want to lose your space if you’ve secured a decent spot outside.

Meeting the Stars

Aside from the huge crowds pummelling towards the red carpet, there’ll no doubt be plenty of bystanders simply soaking in the vibe. If you want to meet the stars arrive a few hours before the event and try to secure a spot near the barriers. Celebrities usually arrive at around 6.30pm and stick around for an hour signing autographs and meeting fans.

It’s no secret that film premieres are crowded affairs. With journalists, film crews, photographers, interviewers and, of course, the hordes of screaming fans, getting a decent spot can be quite tricky. To guarantee the best view possible book a trip on the London Helicopter and watch the event from above.

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