If you’ve got green fingers and ticklish taste buds, then you’ll love the IncrEdibles summer show at Kew Gardens this year. A great and extremely unique way to enjoy your days come rain or shine, the Kew Gardens grounds are packed with activities for all to enjoy. As well as the amazing fun to be had, visitors are surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Kew where this summer, the place will be brimming with boating, botany and plenty of barbecues! Here’s a little more about the IncrEdible adventures waiting to be explored.


Weird and Wonderful

Kew Gardens’ IncrEdibles festival is all about giving you a taste of the wild, from a botanical point of view! While some of us struggle to give our five fruit and vegetables a permanent place in our culinary calendar, this brilliant display of incredible edible plants will certainly spice up your menu! Come to see plants of all shapes and sizes from around the world, and learn how to use them in the fight against a dreary diet. Whether you’re 7 or 70, the IncrEdibles has something new to teach everyone, and is a fantastic family experience.


Swimming With Salad!

Kew Gardens isn’t all about the greens; in addition to the beautiful grounds and historic buildings, the Palm House pond is also being transformed this summer for the IncrEdible festival. Bompas & Parr are giving visitors a chance to dive into a brilliant boating experience, colourfully called ‘Tutti Frutti’! From the end of May, right up to the 1st of September, you can set sail on a giant fruit or veg boat, and off onto the open water. Mystical grottos and an impressive Pineapple Island make this boating bonanza engaging and fun for all ages! All it takes is a little advance booking beforehand; to make sure you get your perfect half hour experience. Bring your sea legs and an appetite for adventure!

Kew Gardens is a great day out for all.
Kew Gardens is a great day out for all.


Time for Tea

Hosted in the stunning Rose Gardens in the Kew grounds, a delightful tea party is held from May 25th all the way through to the beginning of November. This isn’t your ordinary tea party though, and certainly not one you’ll want to miss! This is a tea party with a twist; an amazing variety of vegetables and fantastic fruit, edible plants abound as they appear to grow from the very platters, dishes and dinnerware before your eyes. Your taste buds are sure to tingle, but there’s plenty to train your brain too. Great interactive riddles and puzzles will challenge you as to what really goes into your favourite scrumptious snacks and guilty grazing pleasures. Surprises are in store!



On Saturday 1st of June, there’s a one day event that you won’t want to miss. Make sure that you come to enjoy this brilliant day to learn all about growing in your community, and all about sustainability from the experts. You may even want to change your lifestyle after these lectures; there are great benefits for learning about the environmental impact, and the huge positives for your community that come with local growing gardens. You may embark on a new journey that you never considered as a possibility before.

Kew Gardens has many amazing parts to it.



The IncrEdible festival is a fantastic opportunity to experience something new, exciting and different to anything else available this summer. A great experience for friends, families, adults and children alike, it’s a chance to find out more about our colourful world and the great things that grow in it. Kids 16 and under even get in absolutely free.

If you really are what you eat, then why not be fun, exciting, weird and wonderful? Make your way down to the Royal Botanic Gardens in London this year, for a spectacular summer adventure that you’ll never forget!

Image credits: osde8info and HerryLawford

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