One of the most common questions that all helicopter pilots are asked is how fast the helicopter can fly. Because a helicopter is typically much smaller than a fixed wing aircraft, flight speeds can often appear different to what they actually are. To answer the question accurately, however, we need to examine the different helicopter models, as maximum speeds vary significantly, depending on several factors. These include the size of each model and their passenger capacity, as well as their range, size, weight and maximum speeds amongst other factors. Regardless of which model you’re looking to fly with, there’s something guaranteed to meet your needs.

Sikorsky S92 helicopter
The Sikorsky S92 can accommodate up to 16 passengers, making it one of the largest private charter helicopters available. It has a maximum weight of 12020 kgs, a range of 625 miles, and a top speed of 160mph. This is a very large helicopter that suits larger corporate groups perfectly.

Sikorsky S76 helicopter
This helicopter was launched way back in 1977 and is still one of the most widely-used helicopters in the charter world. It is fitted out with 8 seats and has a maximum weight limit of 5307kg. Travelling at a top speed of 180mph gives it a range of 400 miles to the tank.

Agusta 109 helicopter
Agusta 109 is another design that has a long history in the charter market. It also flies at a maximum speed of 180mph, but has just five passenger seats, and a maximum weight limit of 3175kg. It can reach a very respectable range of 500 miles.

Robinson R44 helicopter
One of the smaller helicopters used for charter flights, the Robinson R44 has three passenger seats and a maximum weight of 1134kg. Cruising speeds for this helicopter are a little lower, at 130mph, but the range is still exceptional, at 400 miles to get you where you need to go.

Airbus H155 helicopter
Considered a mid-sized helicopter, the Airbus is perfect for longer journeys, as it has a range of 530 miles. With space for 6 passengers, this helicopter has a maximum weight limit of 4850kg. It flies at a maximum speed of 170mph.

Airbus H135 helicopter
One of the most popular charter helicopters available, the H135 is well used everywhere. Capable of carrying up to six passengers in style, it has a weight limit of 2910kg. The H1 flies at a maximum speed of 155mph and has a maximum range of 395 miles.

Airbus AS355 helicopter
Comfortably carrying up to five passengers, this twin-engine helicopter is another firm favourite with charter clients. It can cruise at up to 150mph and can fly for up to 440 miles. Confined spaces are easily dealt with by the AS3, and can fly in most weather conditions at a weight of 2540kg.

Airbus AS350 helicopter
This make can carry up to six passengers and has a maximum weight limit of 2250kg. With a top cruise speed of 150mph and a range of 400 miles, this is a popular choice for sightseeing, VIP flights, aerial photography and air ambulance duties.

Airbus H120 helicopter
One of the smaller choices in the charter sector, the Airbus H120 offers 4 passenger seats and has a maximum weight limit of 1715kg. Whilst it is one of the smaller helicopters available for charter flights, it still has an impressive range of up to 440 miles, and it can fly at up to 140mph. This is just as popular as the larger makes and makes for just as impressive an experience.

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