April Fool’s Day has been a British tradition since the late-1600s. While it’s not an “official” holiday, many people celebrate by pulling practical jokes on their friends, family and co-workers. In England, London is at the heart of the wackiness, often taking the jokes so far that residents, tourists and even news reporters, take them seriously.

Here are 7 of the funniest and most unbelievable April Fool’s Day pranks that the people of London have fallen for!

First Class Tube Service

In 2015 Transport for London (TFL) announced that all underground trains would have a first class carriage. TFL knows full well that most people would rather cough up a few extra pounds than have to squeeze between two bodies on their morning commute; it’s not actually a bad idea!

Easyjet Perfume

In 2015 the words of Easyjet, the scent was to “evoke the musty smell of a packed A-319 airbus.” If there’s one thing you don’t want when you’re on holiday, it’s the smell of 150 passengers’ body odour. Fortunately, it wasn’t true.

Warburtons Bread-Shaped Skyscrapers

In 2014 Warburtons announced that they were in the process of building two bread-shaped skyscrapers in the City of London overlooking Square Mile. These buildings were to fit right between The Gherkin in order to complete the sandwich.

bread building

Greenwich University’s Algae Burger

In 2014 Greenwich University announced that it would be serving a brand new burger that could boost the immune system. They stated that the main ingredient was algae and the purpose behind the creation was to combat the flu during freshers week.

Richard Branson’s UFO

In the early hours of April 1st 1989, Richard Branson dressed up as an alien and flew a custom designed hot air balloon that was shaped like a UFO over London. To make the illusion even more realistic, he even brought strobe lights on board that blinked every ten seconds.

The Thames Aquacab

In 2015 Addison Lee – the UK’s largest mini cab company – announced a new line of vehicles called the Aquacab. These amphibious cars would supposedly be fitted with custom designed nautical satnavs, allowing passengers to travel via the River Thames.

The M25 Change of Direction

In 1991 the London Times reported that the M25 would become a one-way motorway in order to relieve congestion. They stated that the traffic would go clockwise on Monday’s Wednesdays and Fridays, and counter-clockwise on Tuesdays and Thursday. Even the BBC fell for the joke and aired an interview with angry locals.

Big Ben Goes Digital

While the BBC are usually the first to fall for the jokes, they have also been known to take part in the action. In 1980 they famously reported that Big Ben would be converted to a digital clock in order to modernize the area. BBC Japan took the joke a step further by auctioning off the clock hands!

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