The second week in September sees haute couture hit the London streets on London Fashion Week. Bringing together top designers, emerging new talent and buyers for some of the most cutting edge high-street brands, what goes on the catwalk in London is likely to hit the shops a few weeks later.

For those who follow or set the trends in fashion, London Fashion Week is an absolute must. Held twice a year, the Spring Summer collections showcased in September are likely to influence what we will all be wearing come next year’s warmer weather.

This September’s Fashion Week is the last before the event officially turns 30. Although the event may be now entering middle age, it’s unlikely that the fashions that are presented will become any less youthful and cutting edge. Always evolving, last year saw the first menswear collections and this year is expected to bring yet more innovations.

Virtual fashion

At the leading edge of technology, London Fashion Week was the first of the four big fashion events in the world to offer fashion aficionados the opportunity to follow proceedings digitally. All the designers are given the chance to broadcast their collections on the London Fashion Week’s official video stream to reach those who are unable to make their shows.

With the growth of social media, there is an increasing buzz online around the event in the run-up to the week itself. Using the London Fashion Week website and following along on Twitter and Facebook, designers are now able to gauge reactions to their collections much more broadly than they would previously have been able to access.

Venue for events

The vast majority of the timetabled events for London Fashion Week take place at the grand and imposing Somerset House on The Strand in Central London. The former mansion house plays host to many of the catwalk shows, and with a large marquee erected in the grounds The Strand becomes the hub of most of the activity surrounding London Fashion Week.

london somerset house
London’s Somerset House – a dramatic backdrop for London Fashion Week

As a home for the arts, Somerset House lends a real air of gravitas to the proceedings of London Fashion Week. In terms of profile, the recognition of fashion and design as a discipline of art is one area where London has embraced textiles and fashion design as part of the fine artistic establishment.

Spring Summer 2014

The collections shown in London from the 13-17 September will be the basis of those offered in Spring Summer 2014. The programme of events is due to be released shortly and will be keenly followed by fashionistas, the fashion press and high street brands seeking inspiration for their own collections in the coming seasons.

fashion week accessories clothing
Fashion Week focuses on accessories as well as clothing

The collections will feature a whole range of items ranging from ready to wear clothing through to jewellery, shoes, bags and other accessories. As we look towards the summer months next year, we can expect to see trends emerging for swimwear too, as designers bring the looks that will grace the beaches in summer 2014.

Well-known names such as Burberry, John Rocha and Manolo Blahnik will rub shoulders with less well-known and up-and-coming designers in the catwalk shows throughout the course of the week. Bringing fresh ideas in their collections, new and emerging designers help to keep the industry thriving and pushing the boundaries of style and creativity.


London Fashion Week will bring some extremely well-known names in the world of international couture to the city to celebrate the launch of Spring Summer collections for next year. As ever, the world’s fashion press will be in attendance to pick up tips on what we will all be sporting in Spring and Summer of next year.

Image Credits: Wikipedia 1 and 2

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