Due to popular demand: Helicopter tours of Stonehenge

“Stonehenge really was the most incredible accomplishment. It took five hundred men just to pull each sarsen, plus a hundred more to dash around positioning the rollers.
Just think about it for a minute.”

Bill Bryson, Notes from a Small Island

Helicopter Tours of Stonehenge

Mystical, ancient and wondrous – Stonehenge is unlike anything else in England, let alone anywhere else.

For 5000 years it has been the scene of intrigue, worship and awe. It has seen off tribal strife, generations of monarchs, and multiple wars, civil and world. No matter what happens in the world, Stonehenge stands strong.

You can now experience Stonehenge in a day – in the most luxurious way possible.

Your day will start at the London Heliport, Battersea, where we’ll whisk you off in our state-of-the-art helicopter. You’ll fly across the English countryside and be able to peek in on Stonehenge from above.

You’ll then land at a local airfield and jump into a chauffeured luxury car to visit Stonehenge at ground level. You will take in the fresh country air while imagining the millions of people who have traipsed the hallowed grounds of Britain’s great wonder.

Back at the airfield, you’ll re-board the helicopter and enjoy a birds-eye tour of London before landing back at the Heliport. Top it off with a glass of champagne and it’s a day you’ll never forget.

Price from £3490.00 + vat