There are some really great things to do in London from visiting an art gallery to taking a trip down the Thames and lots of other fascinating things in between. However, one experience not to be missed is a 75 minute road and river trip with a difference, aptly named London Duck Tours and it’s a guided ride through an iconic capital with a difference.

duck tours
Half truck and half boat, a great way to see the capital

A Guided Tour with a Difference

The trip offers everyone a new visual angle on London – and its great fun. The journey is a thrilling experience as people get to ride in a World War II vehicle designed for both river and road use because it’s amphibious. The adventure begins on hard ground driving people through the streets of historic London before taking to the water with a splash.

The ride is fascinating with a tour guide telling lots of quirky tales of the capital as the vehicle coasts past some of the more iconic areas of the city. This naturally includes the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace to name but two, before going down the embankment to the river Thames for a gentle splash into the water. From then on it’s a thirty minute river trip in all its glory again past some of the most iconic and historic buildings that border the River Thames.

London has a lot to boast about, superb architecture and superb pageantry in all its British glory. Viewing it all in this novel fashion makes it an experience never to be forgotten – it’s a huge amount of fun that offers visitors some fantastic and unique photo opportunities of one of Europe’s most photographed cities, all from a funny looking amphibious World War II Duck Truck – definitely one for the virtual scrapbook.

duck tours iconic london buildings
Tour takes you past iconic London buildings

A Great Experience from Start to Finish

The tour starts out right next to the London Eye which has become one of the capital’s more recent iconic sights. The “mighty Duck” then takes to the road with colourful flare past the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Prime Minister’s home in number 10 Downing Street and then on to Trafalgar Square. All the while, the tour guide offers an action packed commentary unlike any you may have ever heard before. Two of the highlights of the tour take you past two of the capital’s most grand buildings, namely Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace.

Then it’s on down to the embankment past the Tate Britain amidst the usual London traffic of red buses and black cabs in a vehicle that was invented back in 1942 ready for the D-Day invasion on France’s Normandy beaches. The vehicle may look a little weird but in its heyday, this incongruous amphibious machine saved thousands of lives.

The splash into the River Thames is fun and it all happens right next to the headquarters of M15. Which leads nicely to one of the themed trips that’s organised called the James Bond Tour. The 30 minutes boat trip down the river is a real adventure and again, offers some great photo opportunities of the capital.

Well Worth Booking a Seat

The Duck tour is hugely popular which means if you don’t want to be disappointed, it’s well worth booking a ticket but this will only be held for you for 2 hours after you have purchased it. The last Duck tour starts according to the time the sun sets, and the rides take place every thirty minutes or so when things are running smoothly. Weekends tend to be very busy which means there are more tours organised to cope with demand.


London is one of the most iconic European capitals and it’s one of the most photographed in the world. Being able to take a tour around this vibrant, historical city in a fun way, makes for a memorable experience. The Duck Truck allows you to take great shots of some of the most impressive buildings in the capital, both on land and from the water to share with family and friends. For a great and fascinating tour of London, it really doesn’t get much better than London Duck Tours – Amphibious Fun in the Big City with a difference!

Image credits: philip bisset and Waterford_Man

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