Most people experience the crammed Tubes, bustling streets and queued traffic when they’re trying to see the sights of London, but there is a completely different and unique way you could also choose.

A helicopter ride offers a once in a lifetime, bird’s eye view of the large majority of London’s most popular sights. Seeing something from above reveals an entirely new perspective that you simply couldn’t see from ground level. Of course, it also means you don’t have to waste time getting from sight to sight, and can enjoy the incredible city without having to endure the crowds.

Follow the River Thames

One of the most unique and interesting sights a helicopter sees over London is the River Thames. From the ground, the only way you can get across it is over a bridge or on a boat, and it takes hours to walk up or down the riverbank.

From the air, the River Thames looks just like a winding road, of which you can see miles and miles and move across it with ease. This all-inclusive view is simply breath-taking, and definitely makes for some amazing memories that you’ll never forget.

Helicopter Ride over London
A helicopter ride is a unique experience.

Buckingham Palace

The grandeur of Buckingham Palace and its grounds cannot truly be appreciated until you have seen it from the sky. The incredible architectural design includes a courtyard in the centre of the building, as well as 760 windows.

If you’re lucky, the Queen’s Royal flag might even be up, meaning that she is currently residing in the palace. Although this is her primary abode, she does also have other homes, notably Windsor Castle.

The grounds surrounding the Castle are lusciously green and well-kept all year round. There’s no other way you can experience Buckingham Palace’s wonderful architecture and beautiful gardens so completely than when you see it from the sky.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament notoriously attract thousands of visitors, as this is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. A helicopter view offers a different take on the traditional photographs of Big Ben towering into the skyline, allowing you to take photographs from above the 315-foot tower.

Although commonly known as ‘Big Ben’, in 2012 the tower was actually renamed the ‘Elizabeth Tower’ in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee. The Houses of Parliament are also called the ‘Palace of Westminster’, though this is not commonly used.

Trafalgar Square

In the 50th anniversary special of a globally popular show, Doctor Who, we saw the Tardis flying in over Trafalgar Square and the Doctor dangling from it. Although you won’t get to go in the Tardis itself, you can share Clara’s (the Doctor’s assistant) bird’s eye view by going on a helicopter ride.

There are two beautiful fountains and Nelson’s Column that can all be seen clearly from the sky, giving you an overall picture of the location. Even just seeing the crowds below makes for an interesting sight, and you can be glad that you don’t have to push your way through to get around.

London Eye

Tourists go on the London Eye to get a higher view of the big city; a helicopter sees that new height and goes even higher! Seeing the London Eye from a helicopter is both interesting and amusing. Helicopters take the incredible view the London eye offers and exaggerates it, resulting in a simply breath-taking sight.

The london helicopter
London has some amazing sights to see by air.

Even if you thought about going on the London eye with friends, you can also embark upon a helicopter ride with friends, and see so much more for your money!


Going on a helicopter ride is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and what better place to see from the sky then England’s bustling capital city, London?

Image credits: Alann Wyatt 1 and Kaibab National Forest

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