Regardless of where you are in the world or what language you speak, someone making an entrance via a helicopter indicates that he or she is a big deal. Once considered the preserve of the rich and famous, things have changed dramatically in recent years as private helicopters have become more accessible than ever, whilst losing none of their excitement or efficiency.

A taste of the high-life
Whilst it’s true that more and more people are choosing to travel by helicopter, it still retains a sense of luxury and sophistication. A flight on a commercial airline involves tedious journeys to crowded airports, waiting in line for security checks and regular flight delays. Flying by helicopter, however, is an altogether more refined experience. Helicopters usually operate from private airfields, so there are no crowds to contend with, and no delays for security clearance. Passengers are treated courteously at all times, and there are often luxurious extras, such as elegant waiting lounges, personal assistants and gourmet snacks.

Fast journey times
Getting anywhere in the UK by road, rail or commercial flight can be a frustrating experience. With helicopter travel, it’s fast and easy to get to where you need to be. Travelling by car from London to Oxford, for example, would take at least two hours and that’s assuming a lack of traffic. In contrast, if you were to travel by helicopter, the journey would take just 30 minutes.

Comfort and style
There’s no denying that travelling by helicopter offers a high degree of comfort and style. The cramped seats offered by the budget airlines are nowhere to be seen, and passengers can sit back and relax in spacious and comfortable surroundings. Luxury and star treatment sits at the heart of the entire experience and extends beyond the flight itself. It’s undeniably a pleasure to stroll through the terminal building after a helicopter trip, with no crowds or hustle and bustle.

Access all areas
Since helicopters don’t need a fixed runway to land, they can go almost anywhere within legal boundaries. Chartering a private helicopter is an ideal way of visiting out of the way locations, such as country estates, vineyards, golf courses and luxury hotels. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, flying directly to your venue by helicopter is the most impactful way to arrive!

Combine business and pleasure
One of the beauties of private helicopter travel is that the flight path really is up to you. If you want to take in some sightseeing on the way to an important business meeting, all you need to do is arrange it beforehand with your charter company. Therefore instead of your usual boring commute, even the most routine of trips become infinitely more memorable. Little can compete with flying over the London skyline, spotting familiar tourist destinations and looking out for lesser known places that are usually hidden from view. How many people, for example, can say that they’ve seen the gardens of Buckingham Palace from the air? That frequent business journey along the M4 will be even less appealing after you’ve flown by helicopter, following the winding path of the River Thames instead. No matter where you are travelling to, flying by helicopter makes every journey an adventure.

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