London has one of the largest densities of world-class museums and art galleries in the world, and no visit to the capital would be complete without attending at least one of them. Besides a few special exhibitions, most are completely free-of-charge and open seven days per week. Whether you want to immerse yourself in history and creative genius of the curators, or simply have a quick peek, these seven exhibitions are definitely worth checking out.

Forensics: Anatomy of Crime

The Forensics: Anatomy of Crime exhibition will take you through the history of forensics and includes original evidence, archive material, photographs, and film footage from some of the most prolific cases of all time. The theme of this exhibition is “to explore the cross-over between law and medicine.” It will be the first of its kind and promises to reveal the truth behind some of the common forensics “myths” perpetuated in crime dramas. The exhibition will take place at Gallery 1 at the Welcome Collection.

Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilization

Up until 2nd August the British Museum will be hosting the Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilization exhibition. With a culture dating back over 55,000 years, you’ll get to learn about the country’s unique history and diverse environments. The exhibition will even feature original documentation describing the earliest known contact between the indigenous people and outsiders.


Scotland Yard the Black Museum

Scotland Yard is finally planning to open up the Black Museum to the public for a limited time this summer. Since it was started in the late-1800s it’s only been accessible to police personnel and academics. The venue itself is currently unknown, but is sure to bring visitors from all over the world due to its large collection of original Jack the Ripper evidence.

Strange Creatures: The Art of Unknown Animals

When many of the world’s animals were being discovered for the first time there were no cameras. The only way adventurers and zoologists could document them is through art and description. The Strange Creatures: The Art of Unknown Animals exhibition will be held at the Grant Museum of Zoology in Fitzrovia, and will feature reconstructions based on original historical documentation.

Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea

The Natural History Museum will be hosting the Coral Reefs: Secrets of the Sea exhibition until September 13th. Here you’ll get to view a collection of images and specimens that have been compiled over a three year period. In addition, it features original coral collected by Charles Darwin from the HMS Beagle, and a cutting-edge virtual dive so you can experience life in the coral reefs firsthand.

Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World

The Tate Modern will be hosting the first Barbara Hepworth exhibition in London for almost 50 years. This retrospective will feature some of her most prized and best loved works, including original wood, stone and bronze carvings from her humble beginnings up until the height of her success in the 1960s. The exhibition will begin on 24th June and will end on 25th October. Tickets are priced at £18 per person.

Museums After Dark

The Museums after Dark promotion officially takes place during the spring; however, many of London’s larger museums will continue holding evening events throughout the summer. The V&A museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum will all keep their doors open late until October.

London’s museums are truly breathtaking – both inside and out – but there’s nothing like viewing the city from above. If you’re looking for an activity that’ll give you a bit more of an adrenaline kick, book a trip on The London Helicopter.

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