Since the 1870s Hatton Garden has built up an international reputation for being London’s jewellery quarter and the centre of the UK diamond trade. Hatton Garden is currently home to around three hundred local businesses and over thirty stores. It is the largest jewellery retail cluster in the United Kingdom.

London’s jewellery quarter

Looking to purchase a special piece of fine jewellery? Head to London’s jewellery quarter!

The jewellery quarter

Hatton Garden is found in the district of Holborn, London. The quarter and surrounding area has been the centre of London’s jewellery trade since medieval times. In the past the old city of London was split up into different streets and quarters, each of which was dedicated to certain types of businesses. Hatton Garden quickly became known as the centre for jewellers.

The jewellery quarter is undeniably the best place to buy precious jewellery in the United Kingdom. The businesses found there are family run and make use of traditional craft skills to produce their masterpieces. You will find a wide range of businesses that sell traditional, contemporary, vintage and bespoke jewellery designs. Whether you are looking for wedding bands, diamond rings, gemstone jewellery, or vintage pieces, Hatton Garden has jewellery for all occasions.

Engagement ring shopping

Hatton Garden is a fantastic place to shop for engagement rings. Men and women from all over the country travel to the jewellery quarter in London to pick out their special ring. Hatton Garden offers a shopping experience like no other. Many customers prefer shopping here as they benefit from being able to deal directly with the jewellery store owners and feel like they are getting a more personalised shopping experience. The fact that all of the stores are in close proximity also makes it easier for customers to hop from one to the other to compare rings and prices.

The largest company you will find there is De Beers. This is an international family of companies that dominate the international diamond trade. Many celebrities have had engagement rings created by De Beers. Their headquarters can be found on the main shopping street of Hatton Garden.

Touring the area

If you are not looking for a new piece of jewellery and simply fancy exploring a new area, there is plenty to see if Hatton Garden. Take a stroll down Greville Street and you will come across Bleeding Heart Yard. Legend says that in 1626 Lady Elizabeth Hatton went dancing with a mystery man, only for her body to be discovered lying on the cobbles the next morning. Although she had been torn apart limb from limb, her still-bleeding heart lay throbbing within. There are many rumours that her ghosts still haunts the yard. Ghost stories aside, if you are feeling peckish, head to the Bleeding Heart tavern where you can experience the finest French cuisine and sample one of the four hundred different wines they stock.

The Bleeding Heart Tavern

After spending the day shopping for the perfect engagement ring, head to The Bleeding Heart Tavern for a special meal.


It is also worth heading to the gothic church of St. Etheldreda which was built in the thirteen century. This is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in England and one of the two remaining buildings in London which date back to the reign of King Edward I.


Hatton Garden is the home of British craftsmanship and the centre of the UK diamond trade. If you are looking to purchase a special piece of jewellery or even an engagement ring, the jewellery quarter in London is the perfect place to visit. Even if you are not in the market for a new piece of jewellery, it is still a fabulous place to do a little sightseeing. Whether you are holidaying in London or are from the city and are looking to explore a new area, Hatton Garden is definitely worth a visit!

Image credits: Jim Linwood & Ewan-M

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