If you are travelling anywhere, it’s likely that you’ve thought about travel insurance. In the case your luggage gets damaged, your flight gets cancelled, you fall sick while or abroad or – in the worst case – die, you need some sort of insurance cover that will foot the bill. And while it might sound trivial in the worst case, you don’t want your surviving relatives left with a monstrous medical bill after you’re gone.

The face of the travel insurance market is slowly changing, however. People are now flying to far-flung corners of the world to participate in all sorts of weird and wonderful activities. Insurance cover for base jumpers, deep-sea divers, ultra-marathon runners and a host of intense activities is quite easily available, but what about insurance for a good old-fashioned helicopter ride? A quick google search reveals little, which begs the questions, do you need travel insurance to take a helicopter across Britain?

Why Would You Take a Helicopter Across Britain?

Helicopter rides are increasing in popularity across the UK. An organized flight in a helicopter affords holiday makers a unique bird’s eye view of the land, while guaranteeing you get to where you’re going quicker than any other mode of transportation. Moreover, with a helicopter’s unique ability to drop you off in places few other vehicles can, a helicopter tour across London or the UK means you have complete control over your own experience – you arrive when you want to arrive!

How Safe Are Helicopter Rides?

Insurance is a gamble. If you don’t use it, you still have to pay for it. But when you do need it, it will not only prove the smart choice – it can ensure that you’re not plagued with debt for the rest of your life should something substantial occur. And that’s what makes it a worth taking out. In the case of helicopters, however, accidents rarely happen. Helicopters have saved an unquantifiable amount more people than they’ve hurt. All major search and rescue agencies use them for a reason.

Where to Get Helicopter Insurance

Now, despite the purported safety of helicopter travel, you’d still be wise to get insured if you’re taking a helicopter across Britain.  And to make sure you’re covered we recommend you call your insurance provider.

Many companies don’t advertise helicopter insurance in their T&Cs, yet if you call they can add it to your coverage. It will normally be listed under dangerous activity or as a premium sports-travel add-on, meaning you might have to pay a small fee. Whatever this is, it will be worth it should something happen.

You should also enquire into the insurance situation of the specific tour provider you are working with. Most will have some form of liability insurance should something happen, which may cover you, too. Contact your individual tour provider to find out.

Don’t Worry

If you’re truly worried about this, however, you’re probably thinking too much. The likelihood of a helicopter crashing is incredibly small. The most dangerous part of your flight is the drive to the airport, and if you fret too much, you won’t enjoy the ride. So, get yourself informed, purchase what you need to calm your worries and hop on. We guarantee you a great experience.

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