When Christmas rolls around, there can be nothing more exciting than a good Christmas party. But instead of going with the normal, same-old, same-old, why not try something different this year?!

This article shall looks at a few of the happening parties going on this year around London; hopefully you can get yourself along to one of them, but failing that it might at least give you inspiration when it comes to throwing your own novelty Christmas bash.

Aquarium Party

If you fancy something different, why not have an underwater Christmas? Should you be feeling slightly nautical, you can always head over to London aquarium and spend your party amongst the fish.

Not only do you get use of the aquarium, it also includes a stroll through the fantastic shark tank’s ‘shark walk.’ This is followed by a glamorous drinks reception set to the backdrop of the fish-filled Pacific Ship Wreck.

Lastly, a fabulous Christmas dinner is served while you sit next to coral reefs, fantastic fish and elegant turtles. It really does guarantee a Christmas experience like no other.

Prohibition Party

During the days of prohibition in America, drinking was strictly outlawed, and as such, any kind of party with alcohol involved was a top secret affair at the time. Although prohibition parties were by necessity low-key, they came with an element of risqué and secrecy that really made a party to remember.

Today, you can emulate the thrill of a prohibition party at Christmas and go back into the 20s. Celebrate Christmas in style, amongst gangsters and flapper girls, secretly drinking cocktails from tea-cups and ensuring everything is hush-hush so the bureaucracy don’t find out!

Dungeon Party

If you’re of a more grisly persuasion, you might want to consider a party at the London dungeons. Not only do you get a great festive meal and a fantastic disco, but it’s all set in the scary backdrop of the dungeons.

It includes use of the dungeon facilities and even the opportunity to let one of your party to be judged and sentenced to their doom! The dungeons promises a very fun and thoroughly enjoyable party, but it’s not for the faint hearted!

Zoo Party

Whether you decide to go formally or in fancy dress, there’ll be no shortage of fanciful and wild characters at your Christmas party if you celebrate it at London Zoo. Upon entering the zoo, you’ll be ushered into the Christmas themed animal house, allowing you to see the unusual live exhibits with a serving of mulled wine in your hand.

London zoo themed party
A London zoo themed party is a good idea

The animal house is followed by a meet and greet with a zookeeper, giving you a hands-on experience of some of the interesting animals at the zoo. Complete with a 3 course meal and a disco to follow, London Zoo offers a really wild party to celebrate Christmas with.

Harry Potter Party

Warner Bros studios open up their premises so that people can take a trip round the Harry Potter film set and experience the magic themselves. Why not take this a step further and experience the magic of Harry Potter at the most magical time of the year?

The Potter Great Hall explodes into life as it’s adorned with Christmassy decorations and festive trees, and special exhibits like Harry and Ron’s Christmas jumpers are wheeled out for the occasion.

Harry Potter Figures
Harry Potter is very popular.


In and around London there’s always a lot to do, but this Christmas why not try something different? Considering all the various options on offer around London there’s no reason you can’t throw an unusual and different Christmas party to remember.

Image credits: Roger4336 and Joya Wu

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